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en-form - the Colchester environmental information centre is the one stop shop for all matters related to the environment. It acts as a focal point for the gathering and exchange of information on one of the most important issues of the day; the environment.

We aim to fulfill the following functions:

  • to provide comprehensive information on a wide range of environmental issues

  • to assist individuals and organisations to make better informed decisions on how they can help improve and sustain our environment.

  • to act as a focal point for all local environmental groups.

  • to assist all the local groups to achieve there environmental projects by building partnerships with like minded groups, helping with funding advice and providing more general advice.

  • to help inform & educate the local population on environmental matters by offering a link between schools and other local groups and environmental education services

  • to act as a catalyst and partner with other groups to start and achieve a range of environmental projects.

Individuals, environmental groups, educationalists and companies can all benefit by using en-form.

We are here to help, but to do so we need your help. en-form is a registered charity which needs support in the form of volunteers and donations if you can give it. On this website we suggest some of the benefits en-form can bring and the ways in which you can help us.

The enormity and complexity of environmental issues is demonstrated by the variety of subjects listed on this website and this is just a fraction of the interests and concerns of the public.

The choices we make are often a result of the information we receive.

We Need You!

If you care about the environment, we need you. Sign up for the en-form mail group and help us build our network.

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We run the Colchester
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Farmers' Markets


We operate the
Colchester and
RePaint Scheme


We operate the www.giveortake.org
reuse website


We run EcoTeams throughout Essex


We are working
to help set up Eco-schools
in Essex




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